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Jacque Wadsworth
For the past four years I have been teaching and developing my own art school. I am a working artist and my goal is to inspire children (and also adults) from the point of view of someone who continually seeks out new art and materials and uses these things to create. I work in most mediums and have an extensive knowledge of art and design. After graduating from Pratt Institute with a BFA in art I continued my art studies with professor David Passalaqua for 8 years. I worked as a professional graphic designer, art director and illustrator for 15 years and draw upon this knowledge to enrich my classes. In 2009 I received a grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council for my program.

About the Class
Do Art! is a class that seeks to inspire creativity, experimentation and discovery, to recognize the unique art talent of each student, to keep art fun and flowing, and to follow and uncover the student’s interests and natural expression. As their teacher I welcome spontaneity and encourage the students to go where their creativity takes them. Painting and drawing, group projects, murals, unusual materials, and exposing the children to art from an artist’s point of view makes the class unique. It is not a class about being shown a way of doing art but discovering your own way.

Objective for Summer Art Camp
To present materials, themes and projects that inspire creativity, experimentation and discovery in the children. Design, color, feeling, marks, line, shape, story and play will be introduced in subtle ways so as not to disturb the spontaneity of creativity. Masters, contemporary artists, current illustrators and designers along with children’s art will be shown to excite the children and expose them to other possibilities for making art.

Although this is a structured curriculum the flow of the class and the activities introduced will go according to how the children respond to each activity. For example if a child wants to build houses for a few days I will try to accommodate them. The idea is to make art fun, follow the childrens interests, help them discover their own sources of art and keep creativity flowing.